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City of Flint’s Water Issue


This communication is written to inform you that GCCARD Senior Nutrition Kitchen is no longer using City of Flint water source for prepping and/or cooking meals.

All water being used with food preparation is filtered or bottled water.  We are also looking into the cost and availability of a full-kitchen water filtration system.

 Thank you for being patient with us as the City of Flint water situation is being resolved.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns.

 Laura B. Rahmaad, Director
Nutrition Services Program
601 N. Saginaw St., Ste. 1B
Flint, MI  48502
(810) 762-4924 Office; (810) 237-4752 Fax


*** You will need to bring something with you that proves you are a resident of Flint.

Valley Receives $5,000 from Centene to help with the Flint Water Crisis

CenteneKathryn C. Boles, President, CEO with Dawn Siggett, VP Legislative & Government Affairs